Chapter Descriptions Within The Amber Village Arc

Chapter # Description Title

Release Date

1 Skull Kitten, our main protagonist wakes up in Amber Forest with no memory of who he is or how he got there. While starving, he wonders aimlessly looking for food, until he reaches an abandon house where he finds a wooden scythe and lantern. Soon after he leaves the house, Skull Kitten is attacked by a Dark Figure resulting in Skull Kitten winning. After encountering the Dark Figure, Skull Kitten decides to flee finding a river where he spots apple trees, he then decides to cross the river via a wooden log that fell side ways above the river. As he crosses the log, Skull Kitten's leg gets stuck in it and he begins to lose blood as he got punctured by the broken log pieces when he tried to pull his leg out. The Dark Figure appeared again and it attacked Skull Kitten. Skull Kitten threw his scythe at it and then passed out from losing too much blood on top the wooden log. Just Awake February 9th, 2015
2 Unknown Red Rabbit April 20th, 2015

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